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Not Your Average Threesome Series by thirdbird

Go read this if you get the chance. It's really amazing and I liked how much John/Lestrade work here. Usually I'm more Sherlock/John but what the hell. It's cute watching them actually just have a relationship for once rather than watching John bemusidly do whatever Sherlock is up for.

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Also chasingriver's Playtime/Experiments series

I actually haven't read the second one yet but it's much longer than the first and the first was amazing. I need to go read it.
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*cranks the engine*

Ok. Not going to lie. I have about eight blogs. Probably eight. Maybe less. Most of them are defunct or I don't remember how to get into them anymore. Or they're about things I don't care about anymore.

I used to have a different LJ a million years ago and I don't know what I did with that either, but this one is ok because at least it's got my longest used username on it. The one I use for most things.

Anyway. I'm tired of only blogging about some things and not others (like fandom) (because somehow fandom is some kind of awful dark secret when it comes to normal people). And right now the only thing I want to blog about is fandom. Or zumba. Or Nanowrimo.

I'm not going to be posting my fanfic here anymore. I'm moving all of that over to AO3 and I'm trying to bother to upload all the stuff I have saved there too. It's really long and tedious and all my good intentions months ago to get a fic uploaded a week totally went out the window in the face of work and school and knitting. Some days I'm like holy shit I've been in fandom (with this same user name) since 1995.


Since when every webpage was like oh my god frames- so fancy- and every webpage played a Final Fantasy midi and there were little gif skeleton hands telling you to sign a guestbook and there was actually Geocities. Which was the effing shit and if you missed out on Geocities I feel really bad for you. You know what else you might have missed out on? Moya's Web Jewels. That was the shit back in the day. Midis and Web Jewels and Frames.

Despite being in fandom that long (soooooo many fandoms over the years) I don't think I've ever been a BNF, but that would have been awesome if I was. I might have been for a month or two earlier this year in Suits fandom because there were only two fics right then and mine had like 5000 hits and lots of sex. I'm so busy with other things these days and Nanowrimo business that I hardly ever write fanfic. I miss it though. I'll try harder.

So what I'm going to try to do is blog about everything here. Not the edited stuff I was doing before on one of my other blogs. I'll try to blog about everything and do recs and whatever else. Hope it works.
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Title: Claim

Title: Claim
Fandom: Blade Trinity
Pairing/character: Drake/Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
When the ruling families woke Drake they didn't realize that one of the reasons he went to sleep was because he was at the very beginning of a mating drive and there was no one he deemed worthy available. But now Drake is awake and there is no putting off the inevitable. No one will be happy when Hannibal is chosen (except maybe Hannibal and Drake).
Kink: Biological imperative-mating drive, claim marking
Notes/Warnings: Blade Trinity isn't mine. Ever so slightly non-con-ish.